A History

Est. 1939
Serving The Community Since 1939

3 Generations of Excellence

Garrigans.com, a third generation family owned business, was founded in Springfield in 1939 as a Royal Typewriter dealer. Owner Albert Garrigan was challenged to obtain typewriter inventory as U.S. production resources were allocated to support WWII efforts… so he expanded his offerings to include office supplies and furniture.

The 1950’s war baby boom made the demand for school supplies our hot ticket for a number of years. Patrick Garrigan, Albert’s son, joined the company following his tour of duty in the Korean War.

Office furniture was our hallmark during the 60’s and 70’s. Patrick’s wife Ileana Garrigan, interior designer, “loved to spend other people’s money” to enhance their workspaces.

Patrick’s son, Joe Garrigan expanded the company’s footprint to include a retail store in Kettering Ohio. We were all about boutique retailing throughout the 80’s—high end fountain pens, executive gifts, fine Italian leather goods. Our Kettering location carried a full line of art supplies.

Then the 90’s brought a new breed of retailer. The big box “stack it high and watch it fly off the shelves” philosophy changed the face of retail in our industry. It also killed off the majority of independently owned office supply companies in the U.S.

We stayed in the game by embracing technology combined with a relentless desire to provide a level of customer service your grandmother would appreciate.

Julie Garrigan brought professional sales training to staff in 2003. She has funneled her energy into growing online activity. In 2009 we left the retail market to launch a cloud-based system designed to lower costs and simplify supply purchasing processes. Julie became majority owner in 2010.

Adaptability to change has been a constant strength. Our approach continued to morph with market demands over 7 decades. We now operate in a proactively strategic mode.

We are a 75+ year old start up.

Garrigans' Through The Years

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